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If You Don't Know What To Do Do This

Oftentimes you might found yourself feel stuck, overwhelem, unmotivated. Sometimes it’s just too much.

When confusion like that hits, I have few strategies I follow, so I don’t have to waste my time in unproductive state.

What I do is to turn back to the basics which I describe below.

Take a walk

The goal is to have at least 1h walk without thinking about any tasks, anything related to previous activities. Just go out, be present, or listen to different music if you want, but don’t bring your problems for a walk with you, just left everthing behind.

Reconnect with nature

No matter how deeply connected to the tech we are, we are still natural beings, and we have natural desires.

If you have a dog, great! Go and spend some time with him. Animals can’t be more natural and real, spending time with them is reconnecting with nature. The same with cats and any other animals.

If you can, go to the forest or park, go see some trees, plants, and other people. You will instantly feel better, especially if your work mostly boils down to chatting with computer all day long.

Often times when going for a walk I get some podcast or audiobook with me that I planned to listen anyway, so I have semi productive time while recharging my batteries in nature. Magic!

Go meet some people

That’s pretty much the same as the previous one. Just make sure you don’t talk with people about your work, your tasks, or any other problems that bridged you here. Make it light, and detached from daily burdens as much as possible. Like you wouldn’t try to explain your problems to your dog, don’t throw that burden on other people, who probably also desires some detachement from their problems.

Cold stimulus

It’s been proven that taking cold shower inscrease our ability to focus - you can listen more about this on great Huberman Lab podcast. If you don’t want to go all in, from my experience it’s often enough to wash my face in cold water, or just a nape. Concentration goes back instantly, and it feels very refreshing.

And that’s pretty much it.

Let me know your strategies to get back on track by leaving the comment on [Twitter].

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